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Welcome to evfin

Welcome to evfin, your go-to place for easy, affordable electric vehicle (EV) finance. Powered by Greaves Finance, we're changing the game, one EV at a time. 

Thanks to our advanced lending tech and personalized finance options, owning an EV is no longer just a dream, but a reality for all. With us, you're not just buying an EV - you're joining a movement toward a sustainable future.

From the first purchase to lifelong ownership, we're with you, fueling your green journey. Jump in with evfin, and let's ride the EV wave together..

Why evfin?

100% EV Focused NBFC

Exclusively dedicated to electric vehicles, pioneering non-banking financial solutions for your EV dreams.

Tech Enabled

Empowering EV financing innovation through cutting-edge technology for a seamless experience.

Pan-India Presence

Bringing EV financing solutions to every corner of India with our extensive nationwide presence.

Seamless Buying Experience

Experience the unbeatable advantage of our seamless buying process, where we make EV ownership a breeze.

Customised Financing

Tailored financing solutions designed exclusively for your unique EV ownership journey.

Innovative Lifecycle Services

Revolutionise the EV experience with our innovative lifecycle services, enhancing every stage of your vehicle ownership

Our key offerings

We've tailored our products to suit the varying needs of each group and individual hoping to make the switch to EVs.


For Aspirers

Impulsive buyers who want convenience of quick checkout.

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  • Lowest Interest rate
  • Up-to 100% of on-road price financing.
  • Walk away with your favourite EV in under 3 minutes.


For Value Seeker

Traditional buyers who want classic finance options.

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  • Attractive interest rate.
  • Up-to 90% on-road price financing.
  • Loan tenure upto 48 months.
  • Best value for money package.


For Early Adopters

Early adopters who wants to upgrade fast.

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  • Attractive EMI
  • Avail option of Assured Buyback with Upgrade to latest EV of your choice after 36 months.
  • Freedom to upgrade without worry about resale, price of your used EV.


For Commuters

Commuters who want low TCO and worried about resale.

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  • Lowest EMIs in the market.
  • Loan tenure of 48 months.
  • Avail option to return the vehicle* at end of loan OR continue same EMIs for next X months.
  • Lowest cost of ownership.


For Assurance Seeker

Fence-sitters who want assurance  on the vehicle and battery life.

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  • Lowest EMIs in the industry
  • Up-to 100% of on-road price funding including Extended Warranty.
  • Loan tenure up-to 60 months
  • Extract maximum value out of your EV.

iSwitch stories

ev.fin is not just about financing electric vehicles; it's about cementing a rock-solid commitment to sustainability. Sustainability comes with a change, by fostering the growth of the EV industry, we're steering towards a healthier, greener planet, one electric vehicle at a time.

Watch the inspiring #iSwitchStories and dive into a world of change 🛵


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